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Major Growth In The Drone Industry

There is major growth in the drone industry. Bloomberg Technology has predicted that the commercial drone industry will grow to $127 Billion by 2020: Learn more.

The FAA has said that they expect 90% of drone owners to be small businesses. So, this is your chance to secure your unique drone domain name and get a head start is this Billion-dollar industry!

Drones have evolved into powerful business tools and people are buying them because they see them as essential. Start-ups are also receiving big investments in many areas including delivery, terrestrial imagery and infrastructure inspection.

Drones are being utilized in many industries including:

Rail, Mining, Security, Software, Insurance, Real Estate, Agriculture, Sales/Retail, Construction, Virtual Tours, Employment, Construction, Drone Racing, Maintenance, Drone Tourism, Drone Detection, Cinematography, Package Delivery, Drone Advertising, Sensor Technologies, Telecommunications, Piloting and Operations, Infrastructure Inspection, Assembly and Production, Drones For Special Events, Design (including bespoke), Drone Light Shows and Displays.

Other areas include:

  • Energy: Inspect & assess power plants, oil distribution networks, pipelines and rigs etc;
  • Disaster Assessment & Insurance, Platforms and Community Portals, Sense and Avoid Technologies (SAA); and
  • Public Safety & Medicine: search and rescue, fighting wildfires, deliver first-aid/medicine/blood/vaccine supplies etc

Drone Domain Names - A Unique Investment Opportunity

Don’t miss out on this unique investment opportunity.

There’s no doubt about it, the economic potential of the drone industry is immense!

Drones are everywhere today, and the industry just keeps on growing. Thousands of companies are heavily investing in drones for various reasons and projections for the drone job market are also excellent. 

So, how will businesses that require drone services find qualified drone operators?
There is an insatiable demand for commercial drone pilots. Drone Academies, drone schools and training programs are being launched worldwide. You can learn all about setting up businesses in the drone industry. For example:

Amazon has revealed it's futuristic plans to use 'octocopter' mini-drones to deliver packages to customers in under 30 minutes!


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